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Our Maison Marie Louise offers three double bedrooms and one single bedroom, each with windows opening to the garden and the village. Each room has its unique identity inspired by the world of wine, all in a colorful and joyful atmosphere.

Careful decoration combines contemporary aesthetics and a keen eye for detail, modern comfort, and high-quality amenities. Marie Louise welcomes with authenticity and style.

Throughout, the spirit of the house reflects the joy of hosting.

Room "Barrique"

  • Double or twin

  • En-suite bathroom: shower

  • 28m²

Nestled on the first floor, the master suite consists of a bedroom and its en-suite bathroom. Access is through the dining room, taking the custom-crafted spiral staircase made by a local artisan.

The "barrique" bedroom gets its name from the wine-painted parquet floor and its cozy atmosphere, reminiscent of the inside of a wine barrel.

Room "Bouteilles"

  • Double or twin 

  • Bathroom across the hall: bathtub and shower

  • 20m²

On the first floor, the "bouteilles" room faces south with a view of the garden. Carefully decorated, it elegantly blends modernity and tradition with its original parquet floor and a wall of hand-painted vibrant bottles.

Room "Savane"

  • Double or twin

  • 7m² balcony

  • En-suite bathroom: shower

  • 19m²

The "savane" room, located on the first floor, features a balcony and a private bathroom. It provides a moment of escape with its panoramic wallpaper depicting the savannah

Room "sous les toits"

  • Single

  • 10m²

On the second floor, the "chambre sous les toits" (room under the eaves) is a cozy little nest.

Very snug, meticulously decorated, it will be perfect for a big or a small playful spirit.